"Determining Place Regulations on the Internet:
Burning the Global Village to Roast the Pig"

Dr. John S. Gossett and Tami Sutcliffe, University of North Texas

Southern States Communication Association
77th Annual Convention
March 29 to April 1, 2007
Louisville, Kentucky

March 29 2007, session# 2306 2freesp
Room: Salon A -- 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Competitively Selected Papers In Free Expression And First Amendment:
In The Context Of The Internet, Abortions, Video Games, And Illegal Immigration
Sponsor: Freedom Of Speech Division
CHAIR: Jennifer M. Proffitt, Florida State University
Respondent: Paul Siegel, University Of Hartford

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Time Place and Manner regulations:

Time Place and Manner regulations:
What sorts of restrictions on speech will be upheld
as valid content-neutral time, place or manner regulations?

Symbolic Speech:

What is symbolic speech?
Just as there are limitations on the extent to which "free speech" applies to the spoken word,
there are restrictions on the actions that people seek to have protected as symbolic speech.

Symbolic speech
referred to as symbolic conduct or expressive conduct,

Speech Plus and the Public Forum:
Because all these ways of expressing oneself involve conduct--action--rather than mere speech,
they are all much more subject to regulation and restriction than is simple speech.

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