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Completed Coursework:

Human Computer Interaction. Study of the human as an information processor. Computer interface design that takes into consideration human capabilities and limitations. Educational implications of system input/output facilities. Impact upon instructional system design. CECS 5310.

Web Administration for Information Professionals. Impose stylesheets, security measures, indexes, file headers and tailers, logs and report on server usage, customization of error messages, and hardware and software aliases and proxies. Create and modify sites utilizing collections developed in previous courses. SLIS 5716.

Information Retrieval Design. Study of design considerations in computer-based information retrieval systems, including conventional inverted file systems using Boolean logic and automatically indexed vector-oriented systems. Evaluation of information systems in the light of user and system criteria. SLIS 5206.

Economics of Information. Information as an economic good and resource. Equity and distribution of information as public good and as a commodity. Economics of the information industry. Supply and demand of information and its pricing. Micro- and macro-economic information indication and studies in national economics.SLIS 5020.

Statistics. Descriptive and inferential statistical concepts and techniques commonly used in educational research. Organization of data, graphical representation, measures of central tendency and variability, normal distribution curve, sampling theory and tests of significant differences between related and independent samples.EDER. 5210.

Research Methods. Quantitative (survey, experimental design, correlation, causal-comparative, evaluation) and qualitative (case study, observation, action, participant-observation, historical, ethnograph, phenomenology) research methods used in conducting research. EDER 6020.

Internet Applications, Services and Management for Information Professionals. Development of awareness, understanding and knowledge of the Internet from the perspectives of technology, standards, content, organization, policy and users. Conceptual and practical aspects related to the development and management of networked applications, networked resources and networked services for use in information environments and information-based organizations.SLIS 5711.

Educational Telecommunications. Analysis of currently-emerging telecommunication technologies and their application to the field of education. Topics include history of telecommunication, digital and wireless communications, computer networks and distance education.CECS 5400.

Communication in Scientific Teaching and Research. Course techniques, laboratory preparation and teaching, seminar techniques, research presentations at scientific meetings, research publications, research proposals, scientific illustration, photography, departmental and university services for teaching and research techniques in academe, government and industry.BIOL 9150. -

Behavior Principles. Designed to meet course content specified by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board as part of the requirement for certification. BEHV 5130

Information and Access Services in the Humanities. Information resources, methods, needs and services in the humanities. Comparative study of individual fields. Communication patterns and bibliographic organization. Role of professional organizations and government. Representative problems and practice. SLIS 5620.

Research in Art. A study of research techniques and their applications in the field of visual arts. ART 5350

Freedom of Expression. Theories, statutes, and cases involving the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech. COMM 5540.

Information Resources and Services in Culturally Diverse Communities. Issues in the provision of information services to ethnic cultural minority communities. Study of the needs and cultural milieu of these communities. Materials and methods for serving these groups. SLIS. 5685

Special problems seminar. "Place" regulations in cyberspace. COMM 5900.

Doctoral Seminar in Communication and Use of Information. The nature of information as a phenomenon and of the communication processes. Conceptual linkage to treatments in various fields. The role of information and communication in individual, social and institutional behavior. SLIS 6700.

Doctoral Seminar in Information Science. Social and technical issues responsible for the evolution of information science. Major problems, trends and developments. Critical, historical survey of major works and developments in research and practice. SLIS 6000

Doctoral Seminar in Information Issues. Discussion of general issues and specific research efforts in information science and related fields by faculty, students and guests. Presentation of dissertation proposals and completed dissertations by students. SLIS 6945. -

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