Marketing in the 21st Century

Oh, for the good old days.
Do you remember when you could mimeograph a flyer, tape it to the front window of the library, and walk away, knowing that your marketing work was done?

To say that times have changed is a gross understatement. I'm here to confirm that the times, they are a-changin', by the minute.
I learned this the hard way. Here's my story in a nutshell:

In early 2009, the online school I worked for abruptly closed. As a result, I got a dramatic lesson in marketing in the 21st Century. It is indeed a Brave New World Wide Web when it comes to "getting the word out." No longer is it appropriate to scan the classified help-wanted ads in the newspaper. In fact, I found that to be a complete waste of time.

Prior to this job hunt, I was not unaware of Twitter and FaceBook and LinkedIn. I had accounts on all of them. But what I did not know was that these tools were now my best venues for job-seeking activities.

Much of what I learned, (about marketing that works, about techniques that USED to work, but no longer do, and about what you never would have thought made a difference) applies to any crucial project, and to any event that you want people in your world to know about.
I learned ways to market myself and my skills
in this brave new world of the Web and social media.
And you need to do the same for your Homework Help Center.