Every volunteer position, no matter how big or small, deserves a job description.

In some instances, volunteers need job descriptions more than paid staff,
especially if volunteers will be offsite or not under direct observation.

A job description helps the potential volunteer know duties, expectations and responsibilities
of both the volunteer and your agency.
It gives your volunteer a sense of pride and accomplishment as they support your agency in its mission.

Roll over each image to read more examples of why volunteers NEED job descriptions:
I've seen volunteer coordinators give verbal description of duties when a written job description doesn't exist.
It's usually a loose conversation and may depend on many unspoken assumptions.
Without a detailed job description, a volunteer may find the job isn't what they were told
or worse yet, may overstep their boundaries.
Thus a written volunteer job description is key to a volunteer risk management program.

Because writing job descriptions can be a daunting task,
many agencies leap right over this important step.
But once you develop a template, it becomes easier.