Shifting from print periodicals to online databases:

Many libraries have discarded their bound periodicals in favor of online databases, but, if that decision has not been made, there's still time to weed your unused periodicals collection. Keep those subscriptions that are still needed in print, but set a limit on how long the print copies will be kept, and subscribe to the databases.

Online periodical services such as Ebscohost or ProQuest provide backfiles and current issues of periodicals that are easily searchable from the library, home, or office at any time of the day or night.

Providing a searchable database also lets your library discontinue subscriptions to periodicals indices.

Online periodical subscriptions are usually comparable to print cost, but do not require staff to check them in, put them away, and retrieve them for customers, or the expense of binding the periodicals and shelving them for years to come. Computer terminals in the library can be used to access the databases as well as the library's online catalog and other web resources.
OCLC copy cataloging by clerical staff

Some catalogers have held on to the ability to tweak Library of Congress and OCLC headings and call numbers as a type of "quality control" (or job security). However, in times of tight budgets, most libraries can simply have a trained clerical staff member copy the information already provided on the MARC record.

The cataloger's time can be spent doing original cataloging and other duties requiring their level of knowledge.

For more information on OCLC copy cataloging, see